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Apprenticeship training & Trainee Program

In today's world of work only well-trained, motivated and committed persons stand a chance of getting a job with future perspectives. Learn more about the various apprenticeship opportunities within the VAMED group - the apprenticeships offered, training, selection process and anything else you can expect. The apprenticeship selection process starts in January every year. At that point you will also find all information about apprenticeships within the VAMED group in this  overview:


VAMED offers the opportunity to take part in an 18-month trainee program to talented persons with above-average commitment and motivation.  Trainee programs in various corporate and technical areas start at regular intervals.  What you can expect is in-depth training and the most varied opportunities to gain practical 'on the job' experience. Our trainees are familiarized with the various segments step by step under the supervision of experienced experts and executives as mentors.  After successful completion of the Trainee Program we offer a function within the VAMED group that is adjusted to individual preferences and skills.

Current Trainee Programs are announced in good time here:

Trainee programs

The following Trainee Programs were offered in recent years:

  • Operational organization planning hospital/healthcare facilities
  • Business management of healthcare facilities
  • Hospital controlling
  • Technical services / Facility management

Latest jobs

Position Profession Country/Zip/City
Kaufmännische Standortleitung VAMED Management & Service Geschäftsleitung / Management Österreich, Gars am Kamp
Site Supervisor CSA – Ghana, Western Region VAMED Nederland BV. Architektur / Planung Ghana, Bogoso
Prüftechniker/in Hygieneprüfungen VAMED-KMB Facility Management / Fachtechniker Österreich, Wien
Project Manager International Education and Training Programs Asia VAMED Management & Service Projektmanagement Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Project manager International Training Programs Latin America VAMED Management & Service Projektmanagement Bolivien, La Paz
Kaufmännische/r Leiter/in Controlling und Einkauf VAMED Standortentwicklung & Engineering Finanzen / Controlling Österreich, Wien
Projektleiter/in Medizintechnik VAMED Standortentwicklung & Engineering Medizintechnik Österreich, Wien
Projektleiter/in Elektrotechnik – TGA VAMED Standortentwicklung & Engineering Facility Management / Fachtechniker Österreich, Wien
Architekt/in Krankenhausplanung VAMED-Krankenhausmanagement und Projekt GmbH Architektur / Planung Österreich, Wien
Hochbautechniker/in Krankenhausplanung VAMED-KMB Facility Management / Fachtechniker Österreich, Wien
Technische/r Projektleiter/in HKLS VAMED-KMB Projektmanagement Österreich, Wien
Hospital Architect VAMED Engineering Architektur / Planung Österreich, Wien